This page is dedicated to fan fiction of DBZ/GT. I think that making this is really annoying, but my sister won't stop nagging. Hope you enjoy! And yes, I understand that the facts are off a bit, but hey, this is an alternate universe! Do I care? Noooooo! And yes, all the artwork and characters besides Clef, Neobli, Vadolla, and the Lemirens, are not mine and belong to Akira Toryama (Or whoever owns the DBZ series).
-General Josh

Yep... Clef, Neobli, Vadolla, the lemirens, etc. are all original characters by me and my sister. Questions pertaining to the stories? E-mail me at

And please, please, please, PLLLLEEEEEASE email my brother about the stories because I REALLY want to know how you people like my writing!!!!